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The Willspliff Podcast - EP14
2021 Feb 2429m 45s
MMG of the year award goes to....
The Willspliff Podcast EP13
2021 Jan 2628m 41s
Give it up for my guest "CRACK"
The Willspliff podcast EP12 - Ozzy Nunez
2021 Jan 1649m 32s
My guest Ozzy Nunez and I have a lil chat about mixing.
The Willspliff podcast EP11 - New Years 2021
2021 Jan 0526m 9s
Where the fuck is skate 4.
The Willspliff Podcast EP10 - Merry XMAS!
2020 Dec 2333m
I believe you....But my tommy gun dont.
The Willspliff Podcast EP9 - S$AY
2020 Dec 1741m 5s
My man S$AY dropped his first mixtape. Go check it out.
The Willspliff Podcast EP8 - Eugene
2020 Dec 0234m 47s
The unique artist from forest hills queens. One of my best friends....... "EUGENE"
The Willspliff podcast EP 7 - Pai-Sho
2020 Dec 0150m 9s
We recorded this in Pai-Sho's garage, so bare with us.
The Willspliff Podcast EP6
2020 Oct 3020m 48s
The Willspliff Podcast EP5 - WWW
2020 Oct 2935m 53s