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Black Love Part IV : The Economics of Love
2021 Feb 242h 1m 34s
The MadMen close out Black history month by giving away up to $400 LIVE.  Audience members are urged to call in to play MADMAN JEOPARDY to win instant cash to treat themselves and a loved one to a lover's night out.
When We See US: The Black Narrative In Sci-Fi, Super Hero Culture and Comics
2021 Feb 171h 24m 33s
Our Black history month town hall is for the BLERDS. Join us as we bring together the keepers of the flame in the sci-fi game, and honor the career and overall badassness of RODNEY BARNES... original writer and executive producer of our most most...
Black Love Part III : The Future
2021 Feb 172h 6m 58s
The MadMen come together to present/debate what is wrong in our relationships with each other and practical solutions on how to fix it.
Black Love Part II - The Present: If The Bills Are Split, She Won't Submit
2021 Feb 113h 11m 59s
Part II : The MadMen delve into the present "state" of Black relationships in the US. If a woman pays half or all the bills, does that negate a man's ability to be the leader in his household? Why is there a need for the emergence of the "manisphere",...
Black Love Series PART 1 : The Past " The Color Purple Effect"
2021 Feb 033h 11m 59s
The MadMen discuss the effect of popular media on Black relationships in the 21st century.
Games For The Culture : The Money Show
2021 Jan 271h 53m 26s
Still waiting for that stimulus check? No worries, the MadMen are giving away over $200 LIVE on air in this episode... you just gotta answer a few questions from our resident Hater in what we call "MADMAN JEOPARDY"
The King & I : An MLK Retrospective
2021 Jan 201h 30m 11s
The MadMen discuss the most impactful speeches and lessons they learned from Martin Luther The King over their lifetimes.
MadMan Radio : Four Years of Disgrace - The Downfall of Trump
2021 Jan 132h 13m 34s
MadMan Radio : Four Years of Disgrace - The Downfall of Trump. The MadMen go through a comprehensive year by year analysis of the Trump presidency, from 2016-2020.
The 'Rona Recap & The Year Ahead
2021 Jan 062h 3m 21s
The MadMen sit down to discuss everything COVID, vaccinations and what it means for 2021. New. Politics and Social Ills from a cultural viewpoint.
MadMan Radio : Peace Out To 2020
2021 Jan 022h 4m 32s
The MadMen say goodbye to hat will forever be the most infamous ear in human history.  Features a $400 on air MadMan Stimulus giveaway and the year-end edition of "Go Sit Your Black Ass Down" for 2020.