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Are you looking to take your sporting performance to the next level? The Better Athlete Podcast could be the key ingredient you need. Hosted by sports injury specialist Fergal Wynne and personal trainer James Mc Dowell, we delve into the subjects that affect whether or not you reach your performance potential. Between ourselves we'll be guiding you through strength, mobility, nutrition, mental training and more with experts in the field. Athletes and coaches from every corner of the sporting spectrum will be giving insight, knowledge and understanding of what it takes. Like, share & review!


#9 Aileen Gilroy: Adapting To Life As a Pro Athlete, Being 100% Sure She Was Ready After Her ACL Injury & The Future of Women's GAA & AFLW
2021 Mar 011h 13m 58s
In this week's episode we chat to North Melbourne AFLW star Aileen Gilroy. Aileen is extremely inspiring, not only has she played AFLW but has represented Mayo for over 10 years and played for the Irish underage soccer team. This episode is so entertaining! She chats to us about adapting to life as a pro athlete, being 100% sure she was ready after her ACL injury & the future of women's GAA & AFLW. She gives a fantastic insight into the differences between Ireland and Australia, in terms of training, lifestyle and mindset. Please like, share and review. If you're interested in finding out more on the crosscoders, you can follow them at You can tag us at @gilroy7 @siseire and @james_fit_mcdowell
#8 Oisín O'Neill: His Frustration at GAA Not Being Considered an 'Elite Sport', How He Welcomes Expectation & The Importance of Taking Advice
2021 Feb 221h 15s
In this week's episode we chat with Armagh Gaelic Football star Oisín O'Neill. Oisín shares with us the frustration of being told that GAA isn't an elite sport, how he dealt with a serious ankle injury, why it's important to put the hard work in during Covid-19 and why taking advice from people in your community is important. This one is jam packed full of useful tips! Please like, share and review. You can find James and Fergal at @james_fit_mcdowell and @siseire
#7 David Mc Gettigan: Misconceptions On Pain, How Past Experiences Influence Pain & His Thoughts On Manual Therapy
2021 Feb 151h 19m 50s
On this weeks episode we're joined by pain and movement specialist David Mc Gettigan. The information on this episode is mind blowing. 99% of people have dealt with some sort of physical pain during their life and David has some amazing thoughts around this area. He talks about misconceptions on pain, how past experiences influence pain, his thoughts on manual therapy and much more. Like, share and review! You can find David at @painandmovementspecialist and You can find us at @siseire and @james_fit_mcdowell. Remember Our GAA Strength Foundations Program has to potential to make you faster, stronger and more mobile. Please visit the following link to purchase it
#6 Jason Mc Loughlin: Cavan's Ulster Championship Win, Prepping For Big Occasions & Managing High Training Loads
2021 Feb 081h 3m 15s
In today's episode we chat to Cavan Gaelic Football star Jason Mc Louglin. Jason chats to us about the amazing 2020 he had where he won The Ulster Championship. We also chat about how he prepares for big occasions and how he manages working full time and playing at such a high level. Jason also gives fantastic insight into the team culture needed to be successful. Our GAA Strength Foundations Program has to potential to make you faster, stronger and more mobile. Please visit the following link to purchase it
#5 Breathing: Why Your Breathing Mechanics Are Vital For Your Performance
2021 Feb 0545m 21s
In today's episode we discuss breathing. We breathe over 20,000 times a day, so making sure we breathe correctly and efficiently is really important. We discuss nasal breathing, the myth of belly breathing, why chest breathing isn't a bad thing and strategies to improve your breathing. Please like, share and leave a review! Also on Monday we're releasing an amazing product for GAA players to improve their off season conditioning, mobility and strength, keep an eye out for that. @james_fit_mcdowell @siseire
#4 Olivia Murray: Mindset, The Future of Dance Strength Training & Her Riverdance Experience
2021 Feb 011h 10m 24s
It's not often you get to chat with someone that is the best in the world at their sport, but this week we got to chat to 2019 World Irish Dancing Champion, Olivia Murray. In this episode Olivia talks about how working on her mindset brought her to another level, what changes dancing is making with regards to strength training and what it was like performing with Riverdance. Regardless of whether you're a dancer, runner or GAA player there is lots to take from this one. Please share on your Insta stories! You can follow Olivia at _oliviamurray and us @james_fit_mcdowell @siseire
#3 Ricki Wynne: Physical and Mental Strength Lessons From An Ultra Runner
2021 Jan 2559m 54s
Ultra running has to be one of the most brutal sports there is. Running 200km and beyond is grueling. That's why we wanted to get Ricki Wynne on to discuss his approach to training and mindset. Ricki is one of the top ultra runners in the country, if not the world. This episode is jam packed with value. Ricki discusses how he deals with set backs, his approach to taking care of injuries and the mindset it takes to reach your full potential. As always please share on Instagram and leave a review! Make sure to follow Ricki at @rickiwynne10 and us @james_fit_mcdowell and @siseire
#2 Off Season Training: The Do's & Don'ts
2021 Jan 1859m 28s
With an extended off season for most sports at the moment we delve into the aspects you should be considering when training. We discuss discovering your weak points and how to work on them, what you can do even you have no gym equipment, bulletproofing yourself from injuries, how to get your body fat % down and much more! Please share and review! @siseire @james_fit_mcdowell
#1 Intro: What We're All About
2021 Jan 1417m 22s
Welcome to the very first episode of The Better Athlete Podcast!
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