Anything But Allardyce
  • Farai Matanga, Charles Smalley, William Flockett, Cameron Dallas, Dami Dare
5 episodes
The podcast that will bring heated debates from "who should the next England Manager be" to "Who is greatest ever Premier League player". Friends from University who have had these debates in public and thought the rest of the world should hear this.


Dami's Agenda: English Ignorance
2021 Feb 1956m 52s
This week our ClubHouse correspondent and Born Again Man United fan Dami Dare as a couple of topics he would like to discuss with the group. Enjoy!
The GOAT vs The Baller
2021 Feb 1233m 51s
This episode was inspired by the Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes match up. The boys and I compared a couple legends of the game with current superstars. I asked them  two simple questions. Who would you rather than in their prime and can the Baller Surpass...
The Mid Season Awards
2021 Feb 0534m 51s
After 20 games played in the Premier League we have decided to host the Mid Season Awards The Categories are MVP of the season, Best Manager, Best Transfer, Biggest Surprise,Most Disappointing player and Comeback Player of the Season. You will not want...
British vs Foreign Managers: Big Debate
2021 Jan 2938m 20s
In the light of Frank Lampard's sacking at Chelsea we have decided to asked the simple question, Are British Managers under appreciated when it comes to the Big jobs in the Premier League
Top 5 Best and Worst January Signings
2021 Jan 1635m 45s
Welcome to the Anything but Allardyce podcast, this week the boys will be discussing the best and worst transfers in the Premier League.