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  • Tim Li
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The official podcast of the gopher:// Gopher hole. We talk about running, Buddhism, fountain pens, free software and things like that.


Mailing Lists Are Annoying
2021 Feb 1812m 19s
In this episode of The Podcast, we talk about the disturbing trend of mailing list popups. We also talk about the common misuse of mailing lists that could and should be substituted by RSS.
The RSS Feed Launch Party
2021 Feb 0816m 42s
Yesterday, I launched an RSS feed for the Gopher hole, which means that you will be able to easily get notified about every new update from your feed reader.
My Experience With The Wim Hof Method
2021 Feb 0517m 5s
I talk about my experience with practicing the Wim Hof Method (WHM) since last summer.
Veganism in Japan and Taiwan
2021 Feb 0310m 27s
A comparison of the vegan and vegetarian culture in Japan and in Taiwan.
Intro Episode
2021 Feb 012m 29s
Short intro to The tim .run Podcast.
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