Words of Excellence
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Looking at interesting/random topics


11 | Armed robberies, pools, and mice story time
2021 Mar 0125m 52s
Marcus makes an appearances
10 | Sugar cookies + Having a good mentality in sports
2021 Feb 1441m 59s
A brief discussion of how I felt when I played sports and how people should think when being on a team
9 | Summer Sleep-away Camp Storytime with Marcus
2021 Feb 0242m 37s
Found the good book that tells the stories
8 | Watching random videos on a Saturday
2021 Jan 3035m 26s
I’m bored so I watched some interesting things
7 | Camp stories, questions, and motivational words with Marcus
2021 Jan 3050m 36s
His house almost caught on fire but it’s all good.
6 | Random questions with a guest
2021 Jan 1838m 55s
His microphone is really quiet. Sorry.
5 | Seiad Valley, CA
2021 Jan 1234m 55s
Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail Home for sale Happy Camp tour Lisa reads The Giving Tree Craig sees some stranded salmon Ron Hilbert rafts on the Klamath River Removal of Klamath Dam recap Oroville Dam busted spillway
4 | Burlingame, CA
2021 Jan 0627m 59s
People call me at quite inconvenient times.
3 | Random topics on Christmas + A Taste Test
2020 Dec 2635m 33s
This was fun. Send me more ideas of what to talk about
2 | Greenfield, CA
2020 Dec 2323m 6s
The first episode! Tell me if you enjoyed it.