Get Excited! It's the News.
  • Kim Moffat
9 episodes

A weekly news show; not to break news, but to break it down. Put it into context. Maybe even bring a little humor to it.


Money, Please!
2021 Feb 288m 27s
Let’s reconcile some budgets! Plus, the House passes the equality act, Facebook is making glasses now, the new mail trucks are being cyberbullied, and finally - read a book, wouldya?
Power Grids, Amiright?
2021 Feb 218m 8s
Seriously, why does Texas have its own power grid? Plus. Citibank’s out half a billion, the pandemic is making our hair fall out, and California Condors are on their way back!
A Downward Spiral Through the Impeachment Trial
2021 Feb 1412m 53s
I’m sorry, but we have to talk about the impeachment trial. Plus - AT&T’s internet is slow because they make movies, a floating island is selling houses, and the Bucs won the Super Bowl.
I Don't Get It - Episode 1
2021 Feb 142m 38s
This is an opinion-only addition to this week's Get Excited episode, looking at the impeachment trial and trying (and failing) to understand why Republicans don't want to vote by secret ballot and get Trump out of their way.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is Removed From Her Committees
2021 Feb 077m 32s
An opinion-free explanation about Marjorie Taylor Greene, Smartmartic sues Fox News, Los Angeles opens its first tiny home village, and a Florida couple is working to get seniors their vaccine.
Yet Another Person Explains GameStop
2021 Jan 318m 22s
A GameStop explainer, a man was arrested for trying to prevent people from voting, Subway's tuna is... not, and Amanda Gorman will recite a new poem before the Super Bowl.
The Power of the Senate Has Flipped
2021 Jan 257m 40s
The power of the Senate has flipped, the House will deliver their Articles of Impeachment, Tom Brokaw is retiring, and a woman swam under a frozen lake!
What's an Impeachment?
2021 Jan 189m 41s
Trump’s been impeached, Disneyland’s dropping their passes, LA is breaking up with Curative, and - puppies!
Get Excited! It's the first episode!
2021 Jan 105m 32s
Let’s be honest - living in historical times is… draining. The news is exhausting and overwhelming. Just this week, we’ve had to live through a worldwide pandemic, a historic change of power in the US Senate, evidence of an attempted coup, and then an attack on our US Capitol (watching while as most of those insurrections wore white supremacists shirts and tattoos, waiving the confederate flag… “patriots” they are not.).
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