Acupuncture Marketing School
  • Michelle Grasek, MS, L.Ac.
4 episodes
A marketing podcast for acupuncturists who are ready to build thriving, meaningful businesses! Learn how to market your clinic with confidence, show up consistently for your audience, serve more patients, and of course, increase your income. Hosted by Michelle Grasek, practicing acupuncturist, marketing strategist and business coach, this podcast delivers actionable marketing ideas to help you increase your visibility in your community and change more lives with the incredible power of acupuncture.


The Number One Thing Your Email Marketing is Missing to Help You Get More Patients
2021 Feb 1624m
Today on the podcast we're talking about one of my favorite topics: Email marketing! Specifically, lead magnets.Are you familiar with lead magnets?A lead magnet is usually a free PDF download from someone's website that you get in exchange for giving...
Use These Marketing "Rules" to Make Your Marketing More Effective
2021 Feb 0114m 44s
These are core marketing concepts that everyone should know before they start marketing. In a perfect world I wish that every acupuncture school had space in the curriculum to dedicate one or two entire semester classes to marketing and practice...
Honestly, Why Target Market Really Matters for Your Marketing
2021 Feb 0116m 29s
Target market and its companion, ideal patient avatar, get a bad reputation for being theoretical concepts with no place in "real-life" marketing. But guess what? They're actually super effective when you apply them correctly and make your marketing...
3 Ways to Make Your Acupuncture Marketing More Effective This Week
2021 Jan 3122m 38s
Welcome to the first episode of the Acupuncture Marketing School Podcast! I'm thrilled that you're joining me today. Today we'll be talking about three things you can do this week to really improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Because I think...