• David lee
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2021 Feb 0730m 23s
talking about activivsion bans and more. warning extreme language
Random Night
2021 Jan 3034m 39s
just random stuff tonight
Tournanment Winner
2021 Jan 1629m 13s
last weeks winner and what he does in warzone
1v1 Tournament coming up
2021 Jan 0951m 24s
New info on hackers and games
Our Personal Warzone Loadouts
2021 Jan 0256m 26s
wanna know what we use? listen to this episode
Activison Doesnt know how to make a game!
2020 Dec 281h 1m 51s
You wont wanna miss this!!!
Cyberpunk2077 / Among Us
2020 Dec 2054m 44s
You wont wanna miss this weeks episode!
DMT Gaming Intro
2020 Dec 1256m 12s
This Episode is introducing you to us and what we are gonna be talking about. Which is mainly Video Games, Consoles, Gaming Companies, and reliving the old gaming days.
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