• MattyBoy Rivers
3 episodes
Join me as I dig into the context of scripture to further our relationship in and through Christ.


The Bride Pt. 1 (Matthew 5:29)
2020 Sep 2219m 8s
Join me as I talk about the correct spiritual attitude we are to have as the bride in waiting for Christ's return.
Hebrew Wedding - Cup (Matthew 26:39)
2020 Sep 1319m 40s
This episode talks about the ceremonial cup on the traditional Hebrew wedding and how it relates to our relationship with Jesus as it's mentioned throughout scripture
The traditional Hebrew Wedding
2020 Sep 1017m 12s
Going back to the ancient Hebrew culture I'll be digging into what their weddings look like to better understand how Jesus views His relationship with us. Join me for the first installment of the series "Hebrew Wedding"
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