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The Open Jar Podcast is an easy listen podcast about anything and everything! Each episode we cover a topic and just let the conversation flow. We want this podcast to feel like you’re just hanging out with your two best friends!


Ep 7: Pet Peeves
2021 Mar 0137m 41s
We all have pet peeves and sometimes we don’t realize we have them until that specific thing happens. Join us as we talk about pet peeves and how crazy they really are!
Ep 6: Money
2021 Feb 2235m 49s
We all have a love hate relationship with money and in today’s episode Johané and Ivan dive straight into it! Saving money, spending money, tips and tricks and so much more!
Ep 5: Self Love / Self Care
2021 Feb 1533m 9s
This week we talk about self love and self care and what it might look like for you! We talk about what we think self care looks like and try to give some tips on your self love journey!
Ep 4: Music & Movies & Shows
2021 Feb 0838m 32s
HEY HEY HEY!!!! Today’s episode is a super fun epi! We talk all things music, movies and shows. Find out what music we listen to the shows we love and the movies we recommend!
Ep 3: Dreams & Goals
2021 Feb 0137m 10s
This weeks episode is about dreams and goals!! We talk about our goals, what holds most people back and even giving advice on how you can achieve your dreams! This episodes definitely a good one🤩
Ep 2: Travel Travel Travel
2021 Jan 2538m 28s
In this episode we talk about our love for travel and why travelling is important to us! Find out where we want to go next and what we feel like we gain from traveling.
Ep 1: 2021
2021 Jan 1834m 25s
We all know 2020 was wild and hard. Join us and listen to how 2021 can be different! We cover what 2020 taught us and the mindset everyone should have for 2021!
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