Voices From Rock Bottom
  • DJ Prof B
7 episodes
A Community-Based, Digital Storytelling Project on Alcoholism, Addiction, and Recovery hosted by DJ Prof B. / VoicesFromRockBottom@gmail.com Recorded at: MakerParkRadio.nyc in Staten Island, Title Music by: Christina Rubino "Down By The Sea" Artwork by: Joe Gambino Closing Music by: Christina Rubino "The Shadow of a Ghost"


Ep. 7 - Andy
2020 Dec 271h 28m 50s
Andy is 54 years old. He was born and raised on Staten Island, and worked in the Maritime Industry for about 20 years, or so.Andy has been fortunate enough to have traveled his whole life. His favorite way to travel is planning totally random trips to...
Ep. 6 - Sal & Brian
2020 Sep 211h 24m 48s
"Wrestling With Recovery, and Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"Voices From Rock Bottom is a Community-Based digital storytelling project on Alcoholism, Addiction & Recovery with DJ Prof B. Recorded at www.MakerParkRadio.nycFollow us on...
Ep. 5 - Juliette & Joe
2020 Jul 131h 21m 58s
In this weeks podcast, DJ Prof B interviews two of her prior students. The discuss peer pressure, and the college experience and what they learned in class. Juliette:With recovery, comes everyone’s own stories. Throughout our lives, we may be given a...
Ep. 4 - Steve
2020 Jun 131h 20m 51s
Steve and Prof B talk about the "G word" in recovery, and how connecting to a higher power and purpose has guided them both. Steve led the vow ceremony at DJ Prof B's wedding."Being asked to write 400 words about myself in the third person is extremely...
Ep. 3 - Ambrose
2020 May 121h 24m 58s
Relapse, Recovery and Paying it forward: Ambrose was born and raised in New York, during the 90s. The name “Ambrose” was given to him by his Irish-Catholic grandfather, originating from Greece meaning “immortal”. Although unsure why his grandfather...
Ep. 2 - Jay
2020 May 061h 22m 35s
Jay identifies as a "redneck" living in the big city. He talks about his time in the military, and his struggles with addiction to alcohol, sex, adrenaline and gambling. Jay talks about how he got sober in 2016, and how he follows a program because he...
Ep. 1 - Christina Rubino & Jerry Farley
2020 Apr 181h 14m 40s
DJ Prof B talks to musician and songwriter Christina Rubino about her recovery story and the making of her music video for "Down By The Sea".
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