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Sit down get cozy with a cup a tea, and listen to some true crime, spooky stuff. Your host will be me 'Krystal' and my wonderful long time boyfriend 'Ron' will be a somewhat regular staple. If your into true crime we are the place to be, covering everything from murder to robbery and everything creepy and crazy in between! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/krystal-reyes4/support


Ep. 9 Crime 'n' Tea: Part 2 of the Sylvia and Jenny Likens Case
2021 Mar 0227m 40s
Hello everyone, this is part two of the case as you can see from the title if you didn't watch the previous episode you will be confused so go back and listen to that one first. Also, if you didn't know my names Krystal and I am so happy to have you stopping by my station. Just another warning as previously stated about this case it is very abuse heavy in all of the totality of the case so if that's not for you that is okay. You can come check out next weeks episode or go back into some of my other episodes. This is the final part of this case so be prepared cause it definitely get's rough. If you would like to see some relevant pic you can go over to the Instagram at crimentea. You can also send me a gmail if you'd like at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com. There's also an anchor link down below you can you use for donations if you feel so inclined. Sources are also linked below as well. Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys I'll be back next week!
Ep. 8 Crime 'n' Tea: Sylvia and Jenny Likens Part 1
2021 Feb 2315m 29s
Hello as usual I'm Krystal and today we have part 1 of the Sylvia and Jenny Likens Case. This is a good way to gauge if the next episode is going to be too much for you. This is an extremely abusive case, and it may be triggering for those who are sensitive to that type of content. This episode is fairly brief just to give you an idea of the type of stuff we will be dealing with. The next episode is going to be much rougher so keep that in mind. I feel this is an important story to tell because it is such a grave miscarriage of justice for these girls, to go through a fraction of the things is just unthinkable. But, for things to escalate the way they did it's unforgivable. If you want to see a picture of Sylvia you can head over to the instagram at crimentea. You may also send me a gmail with comments, questions, and the like to crimenteapodcast@gmail.com. You can also use the anchor link below if you would like to make a donation, and as usual the source links will be down below. Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day, bye!
Ep. 7 Crime 'n' Tea: Valentine's Special
2021 Feb 1514m 40s
I know I'm a little late for Valentines but I do hope you'll forgive me. I gave you a little short, and sweet episode with some fun Valentine's facts at the end to mix it up. If you have been with me to this point I thank you for sticking around, and if you happen to be a new listener then this will be a great sampler episode for you. As always my source links will all be listed below. If you would like to send me a gmail you can do that at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow the instagram at crimentea for pictures related to the case. You can also use the anchor link below to drop a donation if you feel so inclined. Thanks again for dropping by!
Ep. 6 Crime 'n' Tea: Herman Webster Mudgett A.K.A H.H. Holmes
2021 Feb 0955m 43s
Thanks so much for dropping in as always I am your host Krystal, and I have a very special guest with me in today's episode. My good friend Natalie is joining me on this crazy case of H.H. Holmes. He was spectacle in his time fore sure and he has a wild story to tell. So make sure you get nice and cozy for this one, I think it's our longest yet. If you would like to send me a gmail you can at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com, you can also go over to the instagram and follow us at crimentea for case related pics. You can also use the link below to follow us on anchor or send a donation if your feeling so inclined! The links for all my sources are down below. Thanks again till next time!
Ep. 5 Crime 'n' Tea: Alexander Pichushkin
2021 Feb 0320m 57s
Hello everyone thanks for making it in for this episode I know I was a little late getting this episode out, but we made it. Definitely the difficulty in learning how to edit on the fly, but if you've made it here we will be talking about a Russian serial killer named Alexander Pichushkin. We learn about this man and his killing spree, as always if you want to see any pics related to the case you can go over to the Instagram at crimentea. You may also said me a gmail at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com or send a donation using the anchor link below. Don't forget to give us a follow on anchor to keep up with new episodes and info. I will list the sources down below as usual and thanks again till next time!
Ep. 4 Crime 'n' Tea: Unsolved and on the loose
2021 Jan 2640m 24s
This week we look into different cases, one unsolved and the other with a killer on the loose. Ron and I (Krystal) learned some crazy things in this episode and I am sure you will to. You just can't make this stuff up it is truly crazy. Also wanted to leave a small warning I did say it in recorded, but just to be aware there is a depiction of rape and other darker content. It is brief but it is there. Thanks for taking the time to drop by, it's super appreciated! If you would like to support our podcast you can use the link below, never required but very much appreciated. You can also send us a gmail at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com, if you would like to see any picture related content you can check out our Instagram at crimentea. Once again thanks so much for dropping by.
Ep. 3 Crime 'n' Tea: Juana Barraza
2021 Jan 1923m 53s
Today's episode we will be diving into the life of Mexican serial killer Juana Barraza. I Krystal and Ron will be joining you today on this tale, if you enjoy this episode be sure to let me know. If you are interested in seeing a few pics you can head over to the Instagram at crimentea or if you have anything you would like to share you can send us a gmail at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com. You can also make a donation *not required* at the anchor link and give us a follow over at our anchor page. Here are the links that I mentioned in the episode and my citation resources will also be below.
Ep. 2 Crime 'n' Tea from Germany to the Bronx
2021 Jan 1230m 28s
Krystal here again with Ron hanging talking about wild crimes. We have the pleasure of giving you two shorter stories today, and they are well worth the listen. I swear you won't regret it, and you do well I am sorry. Enough about that if your intrigued jump on in and don't for get your cozy drink to settle in. My sources are linked below and you can head over to the Instagram at crimentea to check out some pics and give us a follow. If there is anything you would like to add or if you would just like to send me an email you can do so at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com. Also, please be respectful in all communication. Thanks for dropping by!
Ep.1 Crime 'n' Tea: Museum of Anthropology; Mexico, Mexico City
2021 Jan 0523m 7s
Hi, everyone thanks for checking out Crime 'n' Tea this is our very first so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! If you want to go over to our instagram and follow us for pics and such you can do that at crimentea. You may also email us at crimenteapodcast@gmail.com if you would feel so inclined. If there is any information that you have that I may not have gathered feel free to let me know respectfully! Thanks so much, my source links are as follows.
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