Could Be In Trouble Here
  • Simon O'Keeffe
8 episodes
A hilarious guide to the latest dumb or just plain fun scandals to come out of the sporting world and beyond, with Irish comedians Simon O'Keeffe and Ruaidhri Ward


Episode 8: He Has a Tattoo of a Swastika, Made Out Of Swastikas
2021 Mar 011h 55s
This week! Someone booked a full on Nazi for a televised MMA fight. Plus shenanigans at Barcelona, Seattle Mariners CEO marinades himself in deep doodoo, Gordon Elliott, and a cockfighter gets his just deserts
Episode 7: Attacked with a Shovel
2021 Feb 231h 16m 22s
A very Japanese sex scandal, drugs underwater, drugs on horses, referees attacking players, Jennifer Anniston, Miley Cyrus versus The Cuban Missile Crisis, some actual journalism, plus the best fight in a Glasgow takeaway you never heard about
Episode 6: Gina Cara-nooooooooooo
2021 Feb 161h 2m 42s
This week Gina Carano Gina Carano's herself, boxers say the darndest things, the Japanese Joe Biden manages a gaffe even as he resigns, Nia Jax's hole, and what sports do you get disqualified in for toileting on yourself
Episode 5: Normal Cartel People
2021 Feb 0954m 45s
This week: Normal People star Paul Mescal goes to the wrong boxing gym, gender reveal parties are for gobshites, and meet the Japanese Joe Biden
Episode 4: Starburst, Sexual Harassment, Sandwiches
2021 Feb 0258m 43s
This weeks sports scandals encompass everything from snakes on a pitch to Sumo wrestlers fighting Darts players and a lot of talk about how to hide a sandwich
Episode 3: Bigfoot Bigfoot, Djokovic is a Tool
2021 Jan 251h 2m 46s
This week: when not to send a dickpic, who not to shoot in the woods, and tennis players are crybabies
Episode 2: fly free Joe the Pigeon
2021 Jan 1944m 59s
This Week! dont mess with Ralph Lauren, how to riot after the Olympics, the amazing odyssey of Joe the Pigeon, and more
Episode1: Golf, lies, and sextape
2021 Jan 1355m 23s
A sports scandal podcast you dont even have to like sports to enjoy
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