The Good Ship Brothership
  • Grant and Jason Andrews
60 episodes
Welcome aboard The Good Ship Brothership, the only arts podcast to cover film, music, gaming, literature, and whatever else is troubling our tiny minds. And did we mention we're brothers? The Good Ship Brothership is recorded, produced, published, and touched by Grant and Jason Andrews.


Ep. 61 - Reconstruction Site is a Classic Canadian Album
2020 Oct 1647m 2s
Grant's coworker Glen seems like a cool guy.
Ep. 59 - Our 10 Favourite Albums of All Time (Pt. 1/2)
2020 Sep 041h 11m 39s
We went missing for like six months, because the world got turned upside down, I finished my semester online, started a new co-op job, got laid off, (thanks covid,) went back to my old job, found another new co-op job, and now I’m waiting to start that. Meanwhile, Grant found a new job, quit his old one, didn’t get laid off, (thank goodness,) fixed a bunch of stuff in his house, and knocked up his wife. A lot’s happened in the past six months. All that to say that it’s probably more important than ever for use to stop, and just appreciate all the good that music has done for us.
Ep. 58 - Uncut Gems
2020 Mar 2144m 58s
Ep. 56 - The Lighthouse
2020 Mar 0747m 32s
Ep. 51 - The Low-Budget Beauty of Prospect
2020 Jan 1738m 47s
Certain genres are relatively easy to make inexpensively. Get a hockey mask, an abandoned building, and a couple college kids, and you've got yourself a decent pulpy horror movie. Looking to make a story about modern poverty, and the joy of childhood? As long as you're a genius, you can make The Florida Project pretty inexpensively.