Millennial Money Matters
  • Austin
7 episodes
Too many of our youth nationwide suffer from financial problems. I wish I had learned about money and personal finance topics in school. Don’t you? This podcast is designed to fill the missing void of financial education and provide millennials with tips & tricks to manage their finances effectively simply because... Millennial Money Matters.


Job Search & Interview 101
2021 Mar 0133m 51s
A veteran headhunter for the fortune 1000, JAIDE saw a need for people to learn how to market themselves and their achievements.  From resumes to LinkedIn profiles to interview preparation and salary negotiations, JAIDE, the job search coach, has got you covered.
Your Guide to First Time Home Buying!
2021 Jan 3034m 59s
Trying to buy your first home this year? It could be stressful with out the right guidance! That’s why we’ll be discussing the major first step to buying a home in this episode with Mortgage Specialist, Eric Seferian from Bank of England Mortgage Group.
Is Health REALLY Wealth?
2021 Jan 1043m 36s
Many people have challenges committing to their goals of being healthy and saving money.
STIMULATE your future!
2021 Jan 0310m 31s
That 2nd round stimulus payment sure looks good-ish! On this episode, we’re going to talk about smart ways to use it!
2020 Dec 1710m 17s
Your budget is absolutely useless unless you start this problem first...
2020 Dec 177m 50s
Should you rent an apartment or buy a home? Let’s squash the beef like zucchini.
An Epidemic Worse than COVID
2020 Dec 176m 10s
Too many people lack proper financial education and it shows! This episode talks about the solution needed for our next generation to succeed financially!
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