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Welcome to The Dirty Laundry Podcast hosted by: Farah Bartlett and Makailuh Morrison. 2 twenty-something "bruh girls" doing what we do best: oversharing. We discuss: Relationships, friendships, sex, pop culture and our lives in which we have no idea what we're doing, but who does really? Be sure to grab your coffee and tune in every Sunday while we discuss OUR dirty laundry as well as our very special guests dirty laundry!


2020 Wrapped
2021 Feb 211h 23m 33s
In episode 3 of The Dirty Laundry Podcast, Farah and Makailuh discuss how their 2021 has gone so far, followed by their 2020 Spotify faves and a discussion on the infamous "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo. They end by discussing New Years resolutions...
Quarantine 'n' chill
2021 Feb 1458m 58s
In Episode 2 of The Dirty Laundry Podcast,  Makailuh and Farah discuss how we have dealt with Quarantine, in which we rekindled our friendship and the global pandemic thus far.  We also discuss our favorite dating apps and our ghost stories and ghosting...
Pilot Episode 1: We done created a podcast!
2021 Feb 0132m 34s
Welcome welcome everyone to the pilot episode of The Dirty Laundry Podcast presented to you by best friends: Makailuh and Farah! In this episode we discuss how we met, why we decided to start a podcast and a little bit about ourselves. We discuss our...