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Horror movie reviews, analyses, kill grades, and topics. Breaking down interesting scenes, kills, characters, and the fears your favorite horror movies tap into. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes! Follow on Twitter and Instagram @bruckerhorror. Cover art by Kat Best.


#4. Interview with Nora Unkel, writer & director of A Nightmare Wakes
2021 Feb 2357m 1s
I am joined by the writer and director of the new Shudder exclusive, A Nightmare Wakes, Nora Unkel. We discuss her influences in making horror, the filmmaking process, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and her new movie! Be sure to tune in!
#3. Horror Review: Host (2020)
2021 Feb 161h 10m 30s
In this episode, I am joined by Aurelien of the podcast Spooky & Strange to discuss the straight from quarantine horror hit, Host (2020)! We get into how impressive the editing is, which subgenres this falls under, the types of fear it plays off of, and which scene we thought was the scariest. Be sure to tune in!
#2. Kill Grade: Final Destination (2000)
2021 Feb 0928m 17s
Welcome to the first Kill Grade for Autopsy of a Horror Movie! In this episode, Brucker looks into the kills of the aughts horror movie Final Destination (2000)! Tune in to hear his grading rubric and how he would rate these kills! Reach out on social media to let him know if you agree with his grades.
#1. Horror Review: House on Haunted Hill (1999)
2021 Feb 0128m 59s
On this first episode, Brucker gets into the first horror movie he watched as a kid, House on Haunted Hill (1999)! He discusses what worked for this movie, the types of fear it plays off of, and an interpretation for the best scare of the movie. Be sure to tune in!
#00. Introductions
2021 Jan 3113m 10s
Brucker introduces himself, the show, and does a quick Q&A. Be sure to subscribe to Autopsy of a Horror Movie wherever you find podcasts and follow on social media to be up-to-date on episode schedules!
2021 Jan 301m 20s
Trailer for Autopsy of a Horror Movie.
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