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Join us for episodes of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem when best friends Jordan & Kelcie chat about and give their insights to some of these horrible acts. Friday’s are Fun Days! We get personal and sometimes funny with stories and laughs!


BFF Friday’s: Kelcie’s Infertility Special
2021 Feb 2222m 37s
This episode Kelcie talks about her experience and journey with infertility, endometriosis and more. She gives tips and her experiences and hopes this information helps anyone in need
Matthew Shepard: Easy Target, A Hate Crime
2021 Feb 1426m 13s
Our third episode in our Murder Mystery & Mayhem series is the Case Of Matthew Shepard. This case is widespread and well known for a lot of reasons. We go into the last time he was seen, the horrific crime done against him, and the aftermath of this murder.
A Disappearance: Where is Amelia?
2021 Feb 1230m 35s
One of the most famous disappearance was that of Amelia Earhart. After travelling 22,000 Miles, she along with her co-pilot Fred disappeared without a trace. To this day the story remains a Mystery. WHERE IS AMELIA?
BFF Fridays 101: A little game All About Us!
2021 Feb 0527m 5s
This episode is all about US! Get to know all about us as we rant and play a little game for you. We hope you enjoy our Friday Fun Segments!
The Family Annihilator: The Chris Watts Story
2021 Jan 251h 11m 34s
Join Jordan&Kelcie for our first episode in our Twin Souls: A Best Friends Podcast. This is the first episode in our Murder, Mystery & Mayhem series. The horrible crimes of Chris Watts also known as The Family Annihilator.
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