The Channel 8 Podcast
  • Sean Go
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The Channel 8 Podcast is hosted by Canadian Youtuber, Sean Go, and centres around the world of sneakers, art, culture and everything surrounding it.


005 | My Ultimate Air Jordan Ranking
2021 Mar 0123m 18s
In today's episode, I've decided to rank the Air Jordan 1 to 23 from worst to best. Rankings were based off of various reasons like appearance, nostalgia factor, relevance to Michael Jordan's career, and more. Tune in to find out which model I placed as the worst, and which I ranked as the best and let me know if you guys agree or disagree!
004 | Camping Szn
2021 Feb 2129m 40s
For Episode 4, I share some of my most memorable sneaker campout stories with you guys. Over the years, I've tried to avoid it when possible but sometimes for that extra special shoe, you just gotta brave the lines and do it! Ranging from random acts of kindness from store staff, to chaos in queue, these are some of the best and worst moments I've experienced camping out!
003 | Shutter Speed & Sneakers
2021 Feb 1537m 20s
Tune in to Episode 3 as I welcome my first guest to the show, Toronto-based portrait and street photographer, Richie Dos Santos (@rich3dee)! Not only a killer behind the lens, Richie has also been a good friend of mine for a few years now. Check out the episode as we talk about our joint love for sneakers and photography!
002 | Behind The Scenes
2021 Feb 0712m 48s
In Episode 2 of The Channel 8 Podcast I talk about the workflow behind my YouTube video creation process. Here you'll learn about the steps I take into making a sneaker review video along with some tips that I've learned along the way!
001 | New Beginnings - Old Stories
2021 Feb 0111m 7s
It begins! Episode 1 of The Channel 8 Podcast kicks off my journey into podcasting. In this debut episode you’ll learn a bit about the history behind me, Sean Go, and find out what shoes I’ve bought recently!
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