The Business Next Door
  • Mary
4 episodes
A podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn from the journey of those who have gone before them. Tune in to learn more about marketing, hiring, product development, work and life balance and so much more from small business owners themselves! Our show is hosted by an MBA student with a passion for all things small business and the inspiring people behind their open signs.


Photography Hustlin' with Jacob Argyle
2021 Feb 2243m 48s
This week we get to learn more about starting a photography side hustle from Jacob Argyle. Jacob is an Oregon photographer and now part owner of a new production company, Creek Studios.This week he shares his social media journey, his passion for...
From Making Items to Creating Authentic Community
2021 Feb 1540m 10s
Join in as we talk to Dana Jones the owner of Selah Creative Company.  In this week's episode we walk through her journey as a maker. Hear her talk about a life changing experience that resulted in her making her hustle her full time gig. Things don't...
How to Change With The Times- From Brick and Mortar to Studio Florist
2021 Feb 0846m 45s
Listen in as we hear from a florist of 24 years share all of the ups and downs that her small business journey has taken her on!
Copywriting from Free Time to Full Time
2021 Jan 2742m 21s
Join in while we talk to Kate Lacaze about her journey. Like many people her profession of copywriting went from a dream, to a profession to a side hustle to a full fledged income creator that gave her the flexibility to live the life she wanted. We...