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WORTH is a podcast hosted by Worth Taylor of Lemons Worth Lovin'. It features content on health, wellness, mindset, transformation, motivation, and success. The host Worth is a college student living in New York City studying at Barnard College at Columbia University. Worth has revolutionized her life through the power of health, wellness, mindset, and self-love. Each episode shares wisdom on how to become your best self and help you feel in true alignment with who you are meant to be. If you're ready to transform you life, you're in the right place!


06. Movement + The Mind Body Connection: My relationship with movement and looking at movement in a new way to connect to the inner YOU (Solo Ep)
2021 Feb 1031m 25s
Moving your body all starts with the mind and the relationship that you have with yourself. In this episode, I explain how my relationship with movement has evolved over time and tips to create a mindful, intuitive relationship with moving your body. After all, we were given our incredible bodies to move them! Take this in as your power and create the connection between you mind and body to feel like your best, most vibrant self.
05. My Food Philosophy: Plant-Based Eating, Food Combining, & What I Eat (Solo Ep)
2021 Feb 0444m 9s
What we put into our bodies has a direct effect on our mood, the way that we feel, and how we experience life. It ALL starts with what you are putting into your body. Food is power, and it has the ability to make you feel like your best, most incredible self! In this episode, I break down what it means to me to follow a plant-based diet and how I use food combining as a roadmap towards eating to feel my best, both mentally and physically. I explain what I eat in a typical day and what works for me to feel like my best self. I hope to inspire you to adopt some of these principles and see how they effect your life! X
04. Claim Your Mornings: My morning routine, how it has evolved, & how to start yourself (Solo Ep)
2021 Jan 3137m 45s
Mornings are truly the most powerful time of day. They set the tone for the day, help us connect with our mind and soul, and mornings give us time to connect with ourselves, with no outside distraction. In this episode, I give a deep dive into how I first started with creating my morning routine, how it has evolved over time, and how I have refined my morning practice into the blissful time that it is now each and every day when I wake up. Think about how amazing it would feel to go to bed each night excited to wake up the next morning to practice your self-care of embarking on your morning routine. This is how I feel every night when going to bed thinking about what I get to accomplish the next day, and you can too! It all has to start somewhere, and your time is now..Xx
03. The Power of Visualization + Finding Your Why (Solo Ep)
2021 Jan 2934m 10s
Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that us humans are able to use as medicine for the mind. In this episode, I break down visualization and what it truly means. I explain tangible steps on how to visualize, manifest, and make your ultimate goals and desires become your reality. Visualizing is rooted in claiming the power in your mind and peeling back the limiting beliefs and behaviors, and I want to explain the foundations of visualization for people to be able to implement it into their daily lives. The mental shift is...insane – a true gift that everyone deserves to experience...x
02. Answering Your Questions: Food, Workouts, Mindset, Lifestyle, and More (Solo Ep)
2021 Jan 2839m 52s
I recently posted a question box on my Instagram and asked you all to send in your most pressing questions...I got so many responses and picked a few to share in this episode! The questions revolve around food, body image, trusting your intuition, being grounded in yourself, and letting go of judgement from other people. Everyone is on a wild journey here on this earth and I hope that sharing my thoughts resonates with you all...xx
01. Welcome + My Story (Solo Ep)
2021 Jan 2737m 58s
I am here to share my truth with all of you, and this starts with telling my real and honest story. I am so excited to connect with all of you on a deeper level. For you to all see the real me and hear about the lessons that I have learned. This show is a sharing of my personal journey to living my best life and how I see the world. It is raw. It is real. It is unfiltered. I am feeling so much joy after recording this frist episode and cannot wait to see where this leads us...xx
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