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  • Nathan Kadlecek
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A strong society is a thriving society. In this podcast, you'll hear and learn from local and global leaders in health, fitness, business, and government about what they're doing to foster stronger communities, how they've dealt with adversity, and what you can do to develop your own strength, in body and mind. Nate is an entrepreneur, physical therapist, rational optimist, and armchair-philosopher. Favorite books: Shoe Dog GRIT Atomic Habits Businesses: Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy Kadalyst Online Wellness Organizations: Rotary International Toastmasters international


Ep 7. Closing a Business, Starting a Business, and Living Out Your Values w/ Jolie Kobrinsky
2021 Feb 151h 1m 24s
Our special guest, today, is Jolie Kobrinsky. She’s a badass entrepreneur, a fitness fanatic, and is passionate about life and serving others. She is opening a new fitness facility/community with the very apt name, Elektren.
Ep 6. How To Become Unstoppable In Business and Life w/ Dr. John Farahmand, PT, OCS
2021 Feb 081h 59m 34s
Howdy howdy my strong friends -- welcome to the Strong Society Podcast! I’m Nate Kadlecek and i’ll be your guide through this podcast.
Ep 5. Shawn Adams on Not Cutting Corners, Learning From Failure, and the Importance of Signage for Your Business
2021 Jan 2554m 32s
Today’s special guest is Shawn Adams, founder of Monterey Signs, they have offices in Seaside and Santa Cruz and truly they are incredibly talented in sign designs from basic Vinyl designs to Large Electric Signs, to everything in between. They’ve been in business for 10+ years which is impressive as only 30% of businesses make it this far.
Ep. 4 Dr. Jordan Seda, PT - Introspection, Resiliency, and How to Manage Unwelcome Stress
2020 Apr 2046m 12s
Dr. Jordan Seda, PT is a physical therapist, Capoeira practitioner, and owner of The Abstract Physio in New York, New York.
Ep. 3 Louis J Fernandez - Combat Veteran and Leadership Coach; Budgeting, Decision Making, Leadership
2020 Apr 061h 33m 36s
Louis J Fernandez is a combat veteran, author of two books, CONUS Battle Drills (disclaimer: this written for combat vets)  and his most recent Keep on Leading. He is also a business leadership consultant.
Ep 2. 6 Tips To Starting An Online Business and Recognizing Opportunity w/ Mark Morris
2020 Mar 2732m 42s
Mark R Morris is a an experienced copywriter and ghostwriter with over 10 years of experience. We met through LinkedIn... social media is pretty cool, right? He's actually the one that catalyzed me to start this podcast.
Ep 1. Coronavirus Made Me Start a Podcast: Pivoting From A Brick and Mortar Biz to 100% Online
2020 Mar 2018m 8s
What happens when a global pandemic wipes out 100% of your brick and mortar business....?
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