• Regal Dreams Productions
19 episodes
A series of conversations about men, for men, by men.


Human Relations (Footnote)
2021 Jan 2914m 48s
A conversation about relationships.
Deadbeat. Dope Dad (Footnote)
2021 Jan 2913m 46s
A conversation about fathers.
S02E07 - Who Said Men Should Lead
2021 Jan 2944m 14s
Ndie, Heavy & the guys discuss who said should lead.
S02E06 - Emotional Abuse Sexual Entitlement (Part 2)
2021 Jan 2920m 50s
Ndie, Heavy & Kutlwi discuss emotional abuse and entitlement further.
S02E05 - Emotional Abuse Sexual Entitlement (Part 1)
2021 Jan 2921m 42s
Heavy, Ndie & Kutlwi discuss emotional abuse and entitlement.
S02E04 - Cooperation Amongst Black Men
2021 Jan 2939m 31s
Ndie, Heavy & Chris talk about cooperation amongst black men.
S02E03 - Standing For Something and Following Trends
2021 Jan 2821m 1s
Heavy & Ndie talk about standing for something as a man.
S02E02 - Men on Marriage
2021 Jan 2843m 55s
Ndie, Heavy & Scotty talk about men and marriage.
S02E01 - Getting Out Of Your Own Way
2021 Jan 2825m 18s
Ndie & Heavy talk about getting out of your own way.
Insecurities of Men
2020 Aug 1726m 47s
Ndie, Heavy & Stacey talk bout men & insecurities.