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To provide a platform for all people to share their life experiences and exposure to mental health. No matter your mental battles, we want to share stories to inspire others to open up and realise they are not alone.


Episode 5 - Ben Lovell
2021 Mar 0151m 40s
On this weeks episode, I had the pleasure speaking with below the left knee amputee Ben Lovell about how his life changed so quickly back in 2017 when he had to have his leg amputated. Ben explains all his thoughts and feeling throughout his journey which to this day is still not finished. Ben also tells us all the great inspiring things he is doing to help others that have been through amputation and how he wants to help anyone he can. This was such a great conversation and I personally learnt so much from this. Thanks Ben!
Episode 4 - Katy Moon (The Mad Moon Podcast)
2021 Feb 2252m 11s
On this Episode i got to talk with Katy. She is a NHS Nurse on the Intensive care unit at the hospital she works at, and she shares her story of what she has gone through with (to name a couple) her Anxiety, Depression and Fertility struggles. Katy is so honest, open and real about these things, it proves to be areal insight in to how she is managing her daily life so well. Thank you for sharing everything with us on this episode Katy, it was so good talking with you. Dont forget to head over and check out her podcast 'The Mad Moon' available on all your go to podcast platforms.
Episode 3 - Bongo Ben
2021 Feb 1555m 5s
This week I sat and talked with Bongo Ben (aka Ben Hall-Munn). We talk about what he does for a living and delve in to some of the most difficult times he has faced in his life and how he is overcoming such struggles. This had to be one of the most amazing talks I’ve ever had!
Episode 2 - Josh James - Real Talk
2021 Feb 0844m 43s
On Episode 2 I was fortunate enough to be joined by Essex's biggest up and coming comedian Josh James. We speak about his comedy and also get to know the man behind the comedy. Josh was very open and honest about things he struggles with sometimes, but didn't disappoint on the funnier side of things.
Episode 1 - Me and The Wife - Open about Lockdown
2021 Feb 0138m 35s
In this episode, my wife and I open up about the struggles we have had through lockdown and the differences we faced between us. We talk about how we managed our home schooling and the 'new norm' of working from home.
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