HypnoSOS - Hypnosis for mental health. Mini sessions for use in crisis.
  • Professor Ursula James
5 episodes
Short, effective hypnosis sessions to improve your mental health and well-being, created for those working in the frontline and for anyone struggling to cope with this crisis. The podcast is a mini-hypnosis session which starts with an introduction about how get the most benefit (which you can feel free to skip through once you have heard it once), and some details about the contents of the hypnosis session. You can then close your eyes, relax, and have a mini-break from the stress around you. Professor Ursula James was appointed Visiting Professor of Clinical Hypnosis at Robert Gordon University in 2013 and is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School and Patron of Anxiety UK.


#5 Stress Management
2021 Feb 2614m 2s
This 10 minute hypnosis audio contains suggestions to help you let go of and manage stress.
#4 Deep Sleep
2021 Feb 198m 59s
Trouble sleeping? This 10 minute podcast will help you let go of stress, get some proper rest and to sleep deeply.
#3 Needle Phobia
2021 Feb 1231m 7s
This mp3 is for anyone who has anxiety about the thought of injections. It is 30 minutes long. Listen to it just before sleep, or when you wake in the morning, or at any time when you can be as undisturbed as possible.
#2 Covid Calmer
2021 Feb 0515m 27s
A 13 minute hypnosis audio with suggestions for physical relaxation, mental clarity, positivity and the importance of being kind to yourself.
#1 Decompression Zone
2021 Jan 2714m 54s
This episode is a 10 minute hypnosis audio for key workers which can be used in emergency circumstances if need be - just to get away from the madness and recharge yourself.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.