Embodied Voyage Podcast
  • Claire
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I am Claire, founder of Embodied Voyage. My mission is to support people on their journey back home to themselves through Yoga and Meditation. I am passionate about experiencing life from the totality of the body. I believe that we have a lot of wisdom inside our body but too often we fail to acknowledge it. I envision people awakening to their gift, to their true potential and to have the possibility to be able to manifest their dreams. I believe that this can be done when we start to slow down, when we start to feel deeply connected with ourselves and when we start to be alive.


04 - Embodying Self Love
2020 Oct 1213m 45s
Welcome to our practice today:  Embodying self love
03 - Meditation - Being present with our Emotions
2020 Oct 1212m 8s
Welcome to our practice today:  A Meditation to be present with our Emotions
02 - Meditation Heart Opening
2020 Oct 1213m 18s
Welcome to our practice today:  A Heart meditation
01 - Meditation on Self Worth
2020 Oct 1219m 18s
Welcome to our practice today:  Meditation on Self Worth
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