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The Muslim Viewpoint podcast attempts to open the discussion on a varying array of topics from racism, poverty and society. The world we live in today throws up many challenges, it is often difficult to navigate these issues and understand Islam’s view on contemporary topics and how Islam can help solve many of the world’s problems.


Secularism's Problem With Islam
2020 Nov 0350m 2s
The latest attacks on the Prophet Mohammad (saw) and Islam in general coming out of France are just a symptom of Secularism's deep rooted problem with Islam.  Having failed to convince the Muslim world and a large proportion of their own citizens that...
Racism - 'The White Man's Burden' & Islam
2020 Oct 1933m 56s
The issue of racism continues to hit the headlines. Many will argue that as a society we’ve made significant progress and it’s just a few bad apples. Others argue that instituted racism still exists today.  What is the cause? How deep rooted is...