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Royal Rebels: Talk Shit: Episode 5
2021 Feb 2425m 6s
Episode5: We sit down with our friend Phil Greene from the SJ Sindicate to talk about the stock market, AMC, Dogecoin, Day Trading and some general shit talking. Come hang out and get your Wolf Of Wall Street on
Royal Rebels: Talk Shit Episode 4
2021 Feb 1821m 2s
Episode 4: Andrew, Bill, William, Stevie and Rick sit down and discuss the side hustle While talking some shit in between. this episode We touch on the Stock thing going on over at REDDIT as well. TO THE MOON!
Royal Rebels- Talk Shit episode 3
2021 Feb 1218m 29s
On this very special episode of Talk Shit, we find out why Rick became a nurse, and how he’s doing after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Our hats are off to ALL of our frontline heroes! THANK YOU!
Royal Rebels- Talk Shit episode 2
2021 Feb 0318m 51s
Episode 2 of Talk Shit The Podcast! Come hang out with us as we....just talk shit.  This Episode we touch on aesthetic in within a band and the age old question. Are shorts appropriate stage attire?!?!?! Come hang out and see what the verdict is.
Welcome to the Royal Rebels
2021 Jan 2811m 2s
In our first episode you get to meet Stevie Loveless (bassist) and Rick (the drummer) of Royal Rebels band. We want to be accessible to everyone. So welcome to our world.
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