Talking God at University
  • Matthew Found
4 episodes
Moving to university is a life-changing experience, an experience which gives us freedom, but also has some challenges. It is a chance to ask the big questions, to choose a new lifestyle, and pursue passions. Your host Matthew, and many others want to share with you that God, who sent his son Jesus, is the answer to life, through discussions about our faith. Each episode focuses on different stories and statements, and how God is at work in it all, and giving you the greatest victory of all at your university or college.


#4 Where can we find identity? (feat. Jemima Biodun-Bello)
2021 Feb 2142m 20s
We often have false beliefs about who we are, and in this episode we discuss, where we can put our identity when struggling with these beliefs.
#3 What and who are Disciples as Members of the Church? (feat. Rob Colwell)
2021 Jan 3041m 15s
We discuss how the diversity of the church allows us to engage with different people at university!
#2 A (late) Welcome to the Podcast!
2021 Jan 1019m 4s
Welcome back to the podcast! In this (late) welcoming episode, Matthew introduces himself and the podcast, explaining his motivation behind it. He tells of his vision for universities, and how it comes out of his background story, where he was influenced by the message of Jesus Christ, to live a life the Christian life. And, he describes the word he had for this year at university, and how God is working in amazing ways on campuses!
#1 Testimony + Gods call in Universities (feat. Tom Woodage)
2020 Dec 2950m 42s
Does God really want a person like me in his kingdom? How can I share my story with others? Isn't university for people to sway away from God, and enjoy themselves? In this, the pilot episode of the podcast, we discuss these thoughts, through Toms testimony, his poetry, and more. The 'Talking God at University' podcast, was imagined first when Matthew found himself discussing Christian lives at university with several friends, on an online call late at night. God spoke to him that evening, reminding him of the great work the Holy Spirit is doing at university, and how we are disciples for a mighty faith. He knew at once that he was called to start a podcast, to speak to the students of universities and colleges, to tell the greatness of God, by having discussions just like the late night calls.
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