Wrestling With The Smiths
  • Courtney Harper
5 episodes
Courtney and Matthew fell in love and reignited their interest in WWE together. Now they do this podcast talking about all sorts of topics involving wrestling.


#05 - Our Very Own Draft
2020 Jun 2334m 42s
In today's episode, Courtney and Matthew have an imaginary draft of superstars!
#04 - The Slammy Awards
2020 Jun 1249m 3s
In today's episode, Courtney quizzes Matt on the Slammy Awards in WWE!
#03 - WWE Superstars Tournament Bracket
2020 May 2855m 2s
In today's episode of the Wrestling With The Smiths podcast, Courtney and Matt argue and play a bunch of rock, paper, scissors during a March Madness style tournament bracket of WWE wrestlers from Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and even some legends!
#02 - Gimmick Matches
2020 May 2055m 54s
In this week's episode, Courtney and Matthew discuss the different gimmick matches throughout the history of WWE and event talk about a few of their favorites!
#01 - Our Favorite Wrestlers
2020 May 1357m 4s
In the first ever episode of the Wrestling With The Smiths' Podcast, Courtney and Matt discuss their favorite wrestlers throughout the years and even share some special memories involving a few superstars.
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