The Above The Clouds Podcast
  • VNMS aka Martin
4 episodes
A solo podcast from the stoner of The iLLogical Sense Podcast, VNMS aka Martin. A Stoner podcast by a stoner for stoners and all modern day hippies.


Episode 3: Marijuana & Music
2021 Feb 2637m 34s
In this episode at 01:07 I talk about the strain of the week. Then at 05:44 I dig a little deeper into the brand and more specifically the man behind the brand. At around 19:46 I talk about my personal preferences in marijuana rolling equipment. Then at 25:26 I break down why I don't mix strains and what phenos are. At 31:11 I speak on the benefits of using papers vs other wraps. follow me @VNMS408 on all social media outlets and follow the podcast on IG and Twitter @theATCpod and don't forget to tune in to The iLLogical Sense podcast where you can hear my folks Busby and JC a well as myself speak on current events and hip-hop culture. Take it easy!
Episode 2: Blue Slush
2021 Feb 1930m 28s
In this episode @ 01:23 I talk about the strain of the week and shit. Then around 07:22 I break down some shit. At about 10:18 while rolling I go on a tangent about some shit. At 14:03 I talk about shit that irritates me, mainly NUMBERS. and in closing around the 21:13 mark I talk about some REAL shit. Rate, Review, Subscribe, Share it with ya folks and follow the podcast @theATCpod on IG & Twitter. Take it easy!
Episode 1: Girl Scout Cookies
2021 Feb 1229m 46s
In the inaugural episode of The Above The Clouds Podcast the first strain of the week is revealed @ 3:04. Its also on the cover & title sooooo spoiler alert? Then I break down some shit @ 7:25. Then @ 13:02 I explain some shit on a tangent or two. And 16:58 I speak on some year end shit I did. At about 23:21 I tell you some crazy shit. Don't forget to follow the Pod on IG & Twitter @theATCpod
The Trailer
2021 Jan 194m 20s
a quick insight on what to expect from The Above The Clouds Podcast.
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