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A Mother's Day Special - All the Way to City Hallmark 5/12/2019
2019 May 1531m 21s
Join us while we unravel the the mysteries behind the conception of Consumer Holidays. Check it out and learn some stuff like, how much these days are worth to corporations or where and the true spirit and origin of these Holidays. And we wanna give a big Happy Mother's Day to all those loving and hard working Mom's out there, we couldn't be here without you.
2019 May 1132m 4s
This episode is fun episode that may make you think about what you eat.
Marketing Monsters
2019 Apr 2226m 6s
Today companies are spending more and more time and money figuring out how to make it look like they are not selling you something; can you tell truth from corporate lies?
Secret Ep. Smog to Riches
2019 Apr 0320m 49s
On on this Episode we talk about Daan RooseGaarde, Dragoncon, Whale Sharks. Don't miss out on these interesting topics and even more entertaining banter.
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