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A few guys who met online gaming thought it would be fun to start a podcast! We talk about random topics and stream weekly on twitch! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thekingscourtpod/support


The Kings Court Ep 10: Interview With Anthony Dior
2021 Feb 0538m 18s
The guys interviews up and coming artist Anthony Dior! We talked about his new single, album and life! Listen to Anthony’s music at
The Kings Court Ep 9: Interview With Luis Lyness
2021 Jan 2653m 16s
Bernard and Martinez interviewed Luis Lyness from the podcast Ya Know Watta Mean...Like? We had a blast chatting with him all the way from Ireland! Luis talks about his podcast, personal life and his music career!
The Kings Court Ep 8: Ice Breakers and Would You Rather
2021 Jan 1950m 25s
The guys talking ice breakers and dirty would you rather!
The Kings Court Ep 7: Christmas Gifts and The New Year
2020 Dec 3058m 52s
The guys talking about the gifts they got for Christmas and their expectations for 2020!
The Kings Court Ep 6: Best Christmas Gifts and Favorite Movie
2020 Dec 2538m 55s
The guys talking about the best Christmas gift they’ve gotten and favorite Christmas movie!
The Kings Court Ep 5: Christmas Traditions
2020 Dec 2544m 27s
The guys talking about our family traditions starting on Christmas eve up until Christmas dinner!
The Kings Court Ep 4: Life through the coronavirus
2020 Dec 1651m 16s
The guys talking about how the rona has impacted them and affected their daily lives.
The Kings Court Ep: 3 Unsolved Cases - Jack The Ripper
2020 Dec 0259m 34s
The guys talking about the unsolved case Jack the Ripper and other serial killers!
The Kings Court Ep: 2 Best places to trick or treat & Halloween movie reviews
2020 Nov 0540m 58s
The guys talking about their trick or treating experiences and where to find the best candy! Also talking about what halloween movies and the best to watch on Halloween and reading some scary stories!
The Kings Court Ep 1: Ghost Encounters & Phasmophobia
2020 Oct 2622m 8s
The guys talking about their ghost encounters and the new game phasmophobia!
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