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Potato Revolution presents: The Spudcast. Hosted by Mog and Andy, it’s a monthly mixed bag of interviews, comedy sketches, and new music – fresh from the backstreets of Melbourne. The creative misfits showcased here all have their work featured on PotatoRevolution.com. It begins underground. Please subscribe, rate and review!


The Spudcast: Improv (with Randy Adeva, Beau Windon)
2017 May 2351m 16s
It’s only the first official episode of The Spudcast right here with special guests Randy Adeva and Beau Windon (collectively known as RanBeau) joining Mog and Andy to chat about all things improv.
The Spudcast: Episode zero
2017 Feb 0325m 47s
It's only taken three years to do it but Mog and Andy are finally back in the studio with a brand new episode for a brand new podcast.
Podcast – Episode 36 (with Ryan Walker)
2013 Dec 0341m 5s
Ryan Walker joins Andy & Mog in the studio for an honest conversation about his six or so years of experience as a struggling open mic comedian (his own words).
Podcast – Episode 35
2013 Oct 1838m 44s
Andy & Mog fly solo...ish in a rickety plane for two and crash straight down the rabbit hole where they find Babies, Snoopzilla and a book possibly written by Darwin* called "Origin of the Selfies".
Podcast – Episode 34 (with Mitch Alexander)
2013 Sep 2359m 10s
Mitch Alexander joins us this time around to chat a little bit about standup, metal, nude modelling and how he involves himself in each.
Podcast – Episode 33 (with Beau Fitzpatrick, Carly Milroy)
2013 Sep 071h 3m 23s
Beau Fitzpatrick & Carly Milroy Join Andy & Mog in the studio to talk about the growing beast that is YAWP; their online publication that covers all aspects of live comedy performance.
Podcast – Episode 32 (with Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall)
2013 Aug 231h 6m 19s
Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall joins Andy & Mog in the studio this week for an entertaining conversation about postcodes, comedy and the creative process so listen in - you might just learn something new.
Podcast – Episode 31 (with Dilruk Jayasinha)
2013 Aug 1245m 42s
This episode we have the delightful Dilruk Jayasinha in the studio who chats to Andy & Mog about his experience as a standup, growing up in Sri Lanka and the chaos of performing comedy as part of a live television broadcast.
Podcast – Episode 30 (with Murphy McLachlan)
2013 Jul 2844m 6s
Comedian. Radio lad. Fella what be drawin' 'toons. All these words and more describe our guest this week who goes by the name of Murphy McLachlan. Have a listen as we chat to him about humble beginnings, where he's at now and what to expect in the future from this man with one finger on the pulse and the rest of them (thumbs included) in a variety of tasty pies.
Podcast – Episode 29 (with Ryan Coffey)
2013 Jul 1451m 51s
Ryan Coffey joins us this week to chat about what he does as a comedian with a guitar, a loop pedal and what it's like to perform in stand-up and music venues alike.