That's So Last Season
  • Geoff
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Geoff Codner takes a shallow dive into the latest tv show episodes currently streaming on all your favorite platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV +. He is what you would call a TV nerd, and on his podcast, Geoff discusses shows by giving his own take and reviewing what other television enthusiasts are currently watching or have next up in their watch list. Each episode will be from a streaming tv series, everywhere from comedy to drama to reality series, that has at least 2 seasons. In some cases, you may not remember what happened on the last season but you want to jump right into the next season anyway. Geoff will let his listeners know if they should re-binge last season or just jump right into the latest season available at their fingertips.


Good Girls Gone Bad
2021 Feb 2212m 42s
On this podcast episode of That's So Last Season Geoff discusses if NBC's series Good Girls is worth spending a night binging on Netflix.
Sinner Sinner Chicken Dinner
2021 Feb 159m 30s
Season 3 of detective drama The Sinner available now on Netflix. On That's So Last Season, Geoff discusses the 2nd season about a child accused of killing his parents and a cult that worships a giant rock.  Check out the new website for tv themed merch....
Bonding Season 1 Recap
2021 Feb 089m 27s
Geoff discusses season 1 of the taboo Netflix series Bonding. Listen for a refresher before watching the next season available now!
Dickinson Season 1 Recap
2021 Feb 019m 48s
Geoff discusses Season 1 of Dickinson and gives a quick refresher on last season.  Listen now to find out Geoff's take on the Apple TV + series before diving right into the latest season, Season 2, of Dickinson, currently streaming right now for your...
Cobra Kai Season 2 Recap
2021 Feb 019m 24s
Geoff discusses Season 2 of Cobra Kai and gives a quick refresher on last season.  Listen now to find out Geoff's take on the Netflix series before binging on the latest season, Season 3, of Cobra Kai, out now for your viewing pleasure.
Vanderpump Rules , But Does It Really?
2021 Feb 0110m 4s
Geoff discusses Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules, which actually airs on Bravo, but thanks to Hulu now anybody can watch this Real Housewives spinoff! Yay, well maybe. Listen now to find out if Geoff thinks you should watch season 8 right now or take some...
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