Amy’s Endless Watchlist
  • Amy Freeman
6 episodes
Amy has too many films to watch! Her Netflix and Amazon Prime watchlists are way too long! So she decided to try to watch one film from her list per week and discuss it. Why was it on the watchlist? Was it any good? And would it have been worth paying a cinema ticket for? Film reviews, cinema stories and guests sharing their film love too!


Episode 6: The Dawn Wall, rock climbing inspiration & the human spirit
2019 May 1158m 26s
Amy watches Ellie’s recommendation The Dawn Wall (2017) documentary, discusses the appeal of under-dog stories, real life tales & how such documentaries can inspire people to go outside their comfort zone. Podcast twitter: @amyendless Podcast blog:
Episode 5: Million Dollar Baby, special guest, sport philosophy & the issue of masculinity
2019 Apr 151h 37m 33s
Amy and special guest Ellie watch Million Dollar Baby (2004). They discuss sport philosophy, the contemporary issue of toxic masculinity & share their favourite cinema experiences.
Episode 4: Kodachrome, parent-child relationships & photography philosophy
2019 Mar 1740m 18s
Amy watches Kodachrome (2017), discusses parent-child relationships, photography philosophy & films that make us cry.
Episode 3: We Are Your Friends, music in film, Pitch Perfect & MTV vibes
2019 Feb 2544m 59s
Amy watches We Are Your Friends (2015), has Pitch Perfect (2012) vibes, discusses the importance of music in films & how one cinema experience (Baby Driver, 2017) gave her months of great music to listen to!
Episode 2: The Perks of being a Wallflower, adaptations & Star Wars memories
2019 Feb 1747m 20s
Amy rediscovers The Perks of being a Wallflower (2012) in film format, discusses teen films, adaptations & Star Wars cinema memories.
Episode 1: Intro, Loving Vincent & More
2019 Feb 0839m 56s
This is the first episode of Amy’s Endless Watchlist, where Amy finally starts watching & ticking off films from her list of “to watch”. In this episode we discuss Loving Vincent (2017), Bobby (2006) & cinema moments.
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