• Samantha Midgett and Alexis DeSoto
6 episodes
We believe that we are not called to run this race alone. We were created to have community with other women who are seeking to find God's truth in everyday life. In this podcast, Samantha and Alexis dive into scripture to discover answers by discussing who God is and who He is calling us to be. We are so happy to have you be a part of this community. We hope that you leave here encouraged to seek truth, wisdom, and understanding.


How Do I Rest in Jesus?
2021 Mar 0227m 2s
How Do We Rejoice in Suffering?
2021 Feb 2322m 22s
In this episode, we discuss what it means to suffer for Christ, why we must suffer for Christ, and how we can be rejoicing in suffering. The Christian life is not easy and we often go through many trials, but it is important that we look to Christ in the midst of it all. We hope you enjoy this episode and are encouraged to see Christ even in the midst of your greatest trials!
How Do We Share the Gospel?
2021 Feb 1626m 50s
In today’s episode we talk about what the Gospel is and how important it is to share it. Oftentimes we look for other people to share the Gospel, but we are called to be equipped and eager to share it with those around us. We sat down and chatted with one of our dear friends Brad Nanna. He does a great job of explaining the importance of us sharing the Gospel. He also shares with us how he goes about sharing the Gospel! We hope you enjoy it!
Why Should I Spend Time in the Word?
2021 Feb 0940m 45s
Why is reading the Word so important? This is one question we will be answering in this episode. We believe a lot of people in our generation do not realize the value of God’s Word and we want to talk about it!
What is Worship?
2021 Feb 0227m 8s
In this episode, we answer the questions, “What is worship?” “Why do we worship?” and “How do we worship?” We believe that this topic was worth talking about because we were created to worship God. Yet, we still do not know how to truly worship. We believe that the bible shows us what worship is, what worship should look like, and the reason we worship. Come listen as we dive into Scripture to discover the answers to these questions!
The Heart of Seek + Find
2021 Jan 2713m 29s
We are so happy to finally be able to release the Seek + Find Podcast. In this first episode, you will hear us answer questions about who we are individually, how we met, how the podcast started, and much more!
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