The Clarity Show
  • Caity Neub
4 episodes
Life is overwhelming and full of thoughts and emotions that we tend to repress, ignore, or allow to hijack what we truly want. I believe that women can live from a place of wisdom + insight + clarity (it's not just for "smart" people), and I'm here to show you how.


Ep 4: Just Ask
2021 Feb 2419m 22s
We are all alone; but we don't have to be. Everyone thinks that asking for something is the equivalent of admitting defeat or weakness or neediness or going to cause other people problems. But literally one can give you something if you're not ready to...
Ep 3: How I Went from Pitiful to POWERFUL
2021 Feb 1732m 19s
You have to know what you really believe. And if what you really believe is leading you into anxiety and depression and negativity and stress and bad relationships and so much other stuff, then it's time to switch up your mindset, girl! What you really...
Ep 2: The Secret to Getting What You Want
2021 Feb 108m 39s
Getting what we want seems so stinkin difficult, doesn’t it?! Like...why can’t things be easy? But if we're really honest with ourselves, we already know what we need to do to get what we want. Here's why we don't usually get it.Everything mentioned in...
Ep 1: Stop Trying to Fix It
2021 Feb 0315m 46s
Sometimes when we start noticing something negative about ourselves, we immediately try to avoid it or fix it. But when we try to control things and force things, we actually get MORE STUCK. Let's talk about how to get mentally un-stuck and solve the...
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