The Paranormal Conclave
  • Justin Sheppeck
16 episodes
It's time to relax. Hear stories of a personal nature. After being involved with and raised around the paranormal it has brought a type of insite into the field of occult studies for me. A informational show that also dives into all forms of the paranormal field including cryptids. Many first hand accounts that will not only inform but entertain. Are you a believer? If not you may be after this. This show is based on one persons life and long time study on the paranormal. Thank you for taking the time. Be open, be curious, be entertained. Welcome to the Conclave.


A Ghostly Dinner At The Pink House
2021 Feb 2330m 56s
On This episode I tell you about a fun ghost
Fear In Duality
2021 Feb 1631m 49s
Two of you maybe too many.
The Valentine's Day Genocide
2021 Feb 0930m 58s
February is known for more than Cupid and Chocolates.
My American Cryptid In Carolina
2021 Feb 0232m 21s
Today we talk of legend, or is it?
A Lesson In Purity
2021 Jan 2632m 17s
By Request this episode goes into a few ways to combat negative energy.
We Shouldn't Be There!
2021 Jan 1231m 3s
Welcome to another fire side chat on The Paranormal Conclave.
Witchery In The Mountains Of North Carolina
2021 Jan 0531m 45s
Just A Meditative glimpse into a few of the mountain witches of NC.
Free Gift for you
2020 Dec 283m 26s
How about a free gift for sharing your story? We can make it happen,
A Conclave Christmas Thank You
2020 Dec 2210m 18s
A Little holiday Gift for you.
Manifestation Of The Shadow Ones
2020 Dec 1529m 59s
Who are the shadow people?  Where are they from?