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Hello! Welcome to Surviving it, the podcast about how to survive Middle and High School! Join Treasure Swanson when she is talking about her embossing stories, or giving advice. For your entertainment 👍


Surviving It- Rude, Mean, Bullying
2019 Sep 0316m 6s
Being Rude, being Mean, or being a Bully is never okay. But this happen to us that can make us upset or angry.( maybe hangry) Listen to Treasure Swanson's opinion on this situation.
Surviving It- Insecure
2019 Sep 0113m 51s
Everyone can be insecure sometimes, but when it turns into insecurity, it can get serious. Mental health is" Just as important as physical health." As Treasure said in this episode. Bit of a heavy one, but all of that aside, this series will be a fun one.
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