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  • Greg Windle
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The intersection of innovation, marketing, and real estate — that’s the best way to describe this informative and entertaining podcast by Greg Windle of ErieMultimedia. I'll regularly feature valuable content, detailed marketing advice, and the best and brightest local experts. Whether you want to learn about the latest industry tech, get advice on how to close more deals, or discover the best new lead generation tactics, Greg will cover it all! Support this podcast:


This is no conspiracy! We're keeping realtors and owners safe with innovative technology.
2020 May 165m 39s
Greg Windle talks about how ErieMultimedia is making listings safer by providing economical 3D virtual tours, videos, photography, drone and fly throughs. These innovative virtual solutions are limiting house traffic to serious buyers, keeping realtors and owners safe, and providing a convenient way for prospective buyers to view listings. Even the cheapest DIY virtual tour solutions come with added costs that don't make sense for realtors. Learn how to avoid the technology traps, focus your efforts, win more listings, and use your time efficiently.
What does Covid 19 mean for Realtors?
2020 May 0130m 19s
The Real Estate Business will never be the same as we maneuver the new normals of buying and selling homes in a COVID 19 world. Fred Amendola talks about how he is addressing the challenges of meeting clients, showing houses, communicating and maintaining a high level of customer service. Change is noting to fear, as long as we follow the rules and use technology to our advantage.
Adapting To Technology
2020 Mar 2032m 21s
Real estate is one of the most thriving businesses in Erie today. Its progression has stemmed from the development of technology. Whether you’re comfortable adapting or not, technology is constantly advancing, challenging us all to look closely at our marketing and our message. Bobbi Strong and Jessica Morell talk about how they use technology to build successful businesses.
Teaming Up For Success.
2020 Feb 2535m 38s
Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. For realtors, time management is everything! Find out how to team up for success with special guest, Stacey Santos.
Drones for real estate marketing - It's a thing!
2020 Jan 2535m 46s
In real estate you often hear the phrase, “location, location, location.” One of the biggest benefits of using drones for real estate marketing is the ability to view the location of a property with respect to nearby attractions like schools, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. An aerial perspective is clearly the best way to capture the entirety of this layout, and make your real estate marketing content compelling! Learn more about drones for real estate marketing with Greg Windle, Kate Rigmin and special guest Andrew Blackburn.
Welcome and Happy Holidays
2019 Dec 2517m 52s
This first episode introduces Greg and Kate, two friends passionate about real estate. You'll love this thoughtful and honest discussion about marketing and some tools and techniques for winning listings, like Matterport, custom video script writing and making the most of you time. Check it out.
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