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Ear Therapy 026 with Jazzwell
2014 Jan 08
Bundle up, winter’s a comin! We’ve arrived at our first episode after our quarter of a century celebration, 26! Right away you’re hit with some...
Ear Therapy 025 with Jazzwell
2013 Dec 15
Continuing on the review tip, this second half of this episode is dedicated to a club event in Hollywood California featuring Bit Funk, Treasure Fingers,...
Ear Therapy 024 with Jazzwell
2013 Dec 13
And we’ve arrived. Congrats! The final episode in the three part Coachella installment. And what a treat, the best for last. Our personal favorite line...
Ear Therapy 023 with Jazzwell
2013 Dec 13
Let’s keep rocking! Part 2 of the 3 part Coachella series. Let’s be real, it’s impossible not to be excited for Two Door Cinema Club....
Ear Therapy 022 with Jazzwell
2013 Dec 13
This 3 episode series is for the Coachella heads. Take a journey through the each day of the amazing music festival’s artist line up. We’ll...
Ear Therapy 021 with Grayson Stebbins
2013 Dec 13
Let me say this, Grayson Stebbins is our generation’s Jason Bentley. What a radio voice this fine gentleman has. It’s always a pleasure to upload...
Ear Therapy 020 with Jazzwell
2013 Aug 20
One of my favorite episodes. This one, as described in the episode, is for the females. Kisses, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Whitest Boy Alive, etc....
Ear Therapy 019 with Jeremy Schnaible
2013 Aug 14
Jeremy, aren’t you just the most splendid son of a gun out there. I cherish you with all my heart. Your smile brightens up a...
Ear Therapy 018 with Anthony Nguyen
2013 Feb 07
Hey Anthony. Thank you Anthony. You’re amazing Anthony. Check it listeners, this episode is the bomb diggity fo shiggity. Of all the guest selectors on...
Ear Therapy 017 with Jazzwell
2013 Feb 03
This was the first episode released in 2011. So, happy new year! I know, it’s 2013 now, well, whatever. It won’t make a difference anyways,...