Smokin’ ConverSessions w/RedHot & Nando
  • Lahsah Thots
6 episodes
Your everyday guys giving his opinions on life sports, relationships, goals, progressions & getting you to laugh for an hour at a time. I hope you enjoy.


One of the best episodes, then Nando’s phone crashes smh (figures lmao)
2020 Jun 0220m 34s
So many topics I can’t even explain🤷🏾‍♂️
Prepare for laughs as topics fly by the minute.. Also Nando being more of Nando🤷🏾‍♂️🤣
2020 May 271h 8m 32s
Anything goes as the guys say whatever comes to mind in this hilarious out of the ordinary conversation.
Random Top 5’s, Relationship views, Best idea ever!
2020 May 261h 54s
We kick this episode off by pretty much renaming the show. Answer a few top 5 questions & rant on roles in relationships (Nando is kind of an a**hole lmao). We also come up with the greatest business idea for 90’s kids ever created. Y’all better not steal our idea!!!
2019 Oct 1152m 47s
Is Work Really Worth It To You? What's your Daily Routine? Friends With The Ex, Yay Or Nay? $10Million Or Back In Time? Top 3 Disney Movies.. All This & SO MUCH MORE! Tune in & LYAO!
Baker Mayfield, Browns, The Fiend, NBA Preview, NFL Week6 Pick6 w/Manalitty 10/8/19
2019 Oct 0834m 13s
First episode. Spewing sports opinions as of October 8th 2019
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