• Calm down, Elli
4 episodes
just a lawyer navigating calmness + uplifting happiness + self love + financial independence


MINIMALISM. Mindful habits to stay frugal and stop spending.
2021 Jan 1712m 10s
Declutter your physical space to make room for your mind. From a former shopaholic to a happy practicing minimalist, tune in for tips to stop consumption, expenditure, and waste.
MINDFULNESS. Guided shower meditation - gratitude
2021 Jan 126m 52s
Relax after getting through the day. Wash away any negative energy and go to bed fresh and anew.
MOTIVATION. Staying on top of your new year resolutions.
2021 Jan 125m 56s
In this episode, we talk about how to reframe your mindset to achieve your goals and resolutions with more success! All it takes is a quick mind hack ;)
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