A Touch of Clarity Podcast
  • shelby sharland
2 episodes
A Touch of Clarity podcast is hosted by Shelby Sharland. A woman on a mission to make you a better friend to yourself! Shelby combines her background in Behavioural science with holistic healing to create a cognitive & somatic approach to healing. During this podcast we explore so many topics relating to mental health, wellness, spirituality, healing, conscious living and so much more!


Episode 2 - Diving deep into coaching & wellness with Ellen - A lovely life coaching
2021 Feb 031h 39m 59s
Ellen Willis, also known as A lovely life, coaching is a beautiful and inspiring life coach. Ellen helps her clients to develop self-trust, self-love & boundaries! She also helps her clients to create inner kindness and outer confidence! It was so beautiful to have Ellen on the show, we journeyed into Ellen's story of coaching, how to maintain a strong work life balance, we chatted a lot about self-love & self-worth, practices to strengthen your relationship with self, boundaries, staying motivated & disciplined & value setting (which was so insightful)
Episode 1 - Catch up with Shelbs
2021 Jan 0334m 28s
I didn't know how to begin A Touch of Clarity podcast! All I knew was that I didn't want it to be scripted. This is just a raw and unedited chat/ life update for you. I can't wait to share more beautiful episodes with you very soon!
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