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Gifted bosses podcast consist of three young black men. 6'4, Tav, and Shawn. We chop it up about music, relationship, pop culture, and everything else through the lenses of the Gifted Bosses podcast.


Episode| 20 "CRACK!?!?!"
2021 Mar 011h 30s
On this episode: Tav wants to go to the mountains by himself, 6'4 applying for a free hall pass, and  Shawn wants DNA testing for everybody and more on gifted bosses podcast......
Episode| 19 "Pillow Talk"
2021 Feb 221h 12m 32s
The @giftedbossespodcast  Episode 19 "Pillow Talk" Black&Gifted: @1_donkmasterNew music: No Features @pierre_d_gamble🎧 on #apple #iheart #spotify #soundcloud  IG:@giftedbossespodcast  Twitter:@giftedbosses #giftedbossespodcast
Episode| 18 "Sex Drive"
2021 Feb 151h 20s
On this episode: Tav, and Shawn started with the black & Gifted segment: Dave Chappelle,  the older Hov get the better he get? Does television and phones distracted you from communicating with your girl/man? Sneaky links and high sex drive. What's...
Episode| 17 "The Marathon"
2021 Feb 081h 8s
On this episode: Tav, Shawn, and 6'4 discuss their Black and Gifted segment about Joe Budden empire. We also talked about Nipsey Hussle new visuals for the 10th year anniversary for the "The Marathon", and his forever lasting presence in the culture....
Episode 16| "Code Switch"
2021 Feb 011h 16m 8s
On this episode: Tav, Shawn, and 6'4 started the show with their new segment "Black & Gifted". The black influence help increase clubhouse valuation, is it time to put that influence behind black owned social apps? #wallstreetbets, Tav introduced...
Episode 15| "Sauced Up"
2021 Jan 251h 15m 38s
On this episode: The crew is back together and they discuss how the Tav and Shawn forgot about MLK day, 6'4 covid-19 experience. Also, Tav clubhouse experience and how creating a podcast forces Tav and Shawn to be more active on social media....
Episode| 14 "Yaa-Mean"
2021 Jan 1853m 38s
On this episode: Tav and Shawn discuss covid-19 hitting close to home with 6'4. YFN Lucci situation cause the guys to talk about making it out of poverty but still connected to the streets. Black men venting to anyone, why is it so difficult? Also, can...
Episode 13| "Women are Ranch"
2021 Jan 1138m
On this episode: the trio was down a member without 6'4. Tav and Shawn discuss Dr.Dre brain aneurysm, the riots at the capital. The guys also talk about marriage and several relationships topics...#giftedbossespodcast
Episode 12| "Pussy Pills"
2021 Jan 041h 18m
On this episode: 6'4, Tav, and Shawn tap into their new year goals, discuss Master P and Baron Davis in talks to acquire Reebok. 6'4 gives Rick Ross his flowers. The crew discuss the pros and cons of having kids early. Wet wet pills for the ladies? Also...
Gifted Bosses| Lost Tape #9
2020 Dec 311h 8m 20s
Lost tape from the Gifted Bosses Podcast....Throwback Episode....