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G-Life! Magazine provides insightful, thought-provoking content designed to enrich your life by taking you places that challenge you to think deeper, look within yourself for answers, and be mindful of the present moment. Led by best-selling author, Gary Westfal, the podcast delivers fresh perspectives on personal empowerment with an overarching objective of self-mastery through awareness and insight.


Fall in Love with the Process: And Find Yourself Along the Way
2021 Feb 146m 22s
Here's an inside tip to mastering the achievement process. It's so simple that it only takes six minutes to explain it. It's simple, but it's profound. Once you know this very simple perspective, you'll know how successful people reach their goals and...
Harness Your Inner Discipline: 10 Ways to Hack Your Self-Discipline to Produce Real and Lasting Results
2021 Feb 0316m 3s
You don't need motivation. You need discipline!Discipline is one of the most significant traits you must master to produce results. The issue most people face when they approach discipline is to get past the assumptions they've created. When most people...
Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
2021 Jan 267m 26s
Discover how to change your mindset for a fantastic year ahead by listening to this quick 8-minute message. A simple shift in mindset is all it takes to change everything.  In this episode of the G-Life! Magazine Podcast, Gary explains how to see the...
How to Create Real and Lasting Wealth
2021 Jan 0812m 27s
Creating wealth shouldn't be complicated. Discover the powerful principles that will reset the way you think about money so you can begin creating the kind of financial security you rightfully deserve.
The Power of Choice
2020 Dec 2213m
Join Best-selling author Gary Westfal as he describes the details behind the greatest power you have - your power of choice.  Your ability to respond to the various situations and circumstances life throws at you has everything to do with the current...
Results-Driven Momentum: The Key to Your Next Breakthrough!
2020 Dec 0110m 52s
Ten minutes to your next breakthrough!
Set Your Goal and Start Achieving
2020 Nov 157m 56s
Best-selling author, Gary Westfal, provides a glimpse into the principles and philosophies of achievement through effective goal setting - the same principles and philosophies he lays out in his new book, GOAL MIND. Find out what's keeping you from...
Understanding Life Through Art: Five Fundamental Truths that Correlate Art with Life Itself!
2020 Oct 216m 38s
This episode of G-Life! Magazine presents an interesting take on how art is a lot like life itself. Artists are a peculiar breed. They tend to have active imaginations. And, they have a knack for leveraging their imagination to get their desired...
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