One Conversation From The End Of The World

In a world of trash opinions, they're here to give the least trashy and most correct takes. We debate the most controversial and important topics of our time, while trying to navigate the world during this bizarre time. Brought to you by critically acclaimed London rockers Luke Griffiths (Falseheads) and Nishant Joshi (The Palpitations), the two friends take on culture, politics, science and even a little bit of music, sometimes. Luke Griffiths is the notorious frontman of London rock band Falseheads. Loved by the likes of Iggy Pop, this year has built on the band's previous success, with a stunning debut album "It's All There But You're Dreaming" cementing a huge fanbase, even landing a US tour...which was cancelled, for reasons. Luke is currently recovering from several mosh-related concussions. Nishant Joshi rose to prominence in 2020 after becoming the

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