Mister Cricket's Fire Fables

Conceived for kids 6-12, (but loved by parents everywhere), Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are tales that teach the common courtesies of life through humor and intrigue. Set in a fictional woods known as, “Suavity Bosque”, each fable begins with a question, and each question is answered by John Cricket––the only human being in the bosque. Of course, Cricket’s answers are always a mixture of fact and fiction, but through this embroidered truth, the characters in Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables gain wisdom, make better choices, treat others as they should be treated, and, in general, lead more fulfilling lives. If you’re looking for family entertainment wrapped in sound advice, Mister Cricket’s Fire-Fables are something you and your children can warm up to.

Visit this podcast’s website at www.missionhills.org/mister-crickets-fire-fables

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